At the Medical Ear Piercing Clinics, we do only one thing and we do it very well. Professional Ear Lobe piercing for every age.

We do not pierce any other parts of the ear and do not pierce any other parts of the body. The ear lobe is the safest part of the ear to pierce. We are here for your first or subsequent ear lobe piercings.

Topical anesthesia is available: Though the piercings cause only a slight pain, we offer topical anesthesia if needed to make your experience totally painless.

Our Earrings


We use the most hypoallergenic products on the market in our piercings. Nickel free medical grade plastic is the new standard in ear piercing while medical grade titanium provides the safest metal based piercing, even safer than gold. Medical science suggests that prolonged exposure to nickel in the form of jewelry and garment fasteners may lead to nickel allergy in the future.

We also carry different styles of medical plastic or titanium based earrings for continuous daily use after your piercing heals.

Infections and Piercings: Because we are medical professionals, we take seriously the issue of infection prevention. There are many ways that infections can be contracted during piercings.

Piercer to Client: As with any other procedure, proper hand washing and hand sanitizing by the piercer is important to prevent the spread of infection from the piercer to the client. You should ask your piercer to wash / sanitize their hands before performing your piercing procedure.

Instrument to Client: Ear piercing can be done by many techniques. To protect your health, make sure that the instrument being used for piercing can ensure a sterile piercing experience. There should be no part of the instrument that touches the skin that is not sterile.

Client to Client: You don’t know who was pierced before you and you definitely don’t want to share their germs. Hepatitis and other blood borne diseases, though of a slim chance, are too great a risk to take.

Our Method: The Encapsulated Sterile Single Cassette Disposable System

(ESSCDS) is a zero touch system that ensures that all parts of the ear piercer remain sterile.

This ESSCDS contains one ear piercing stud and one butterfly for one ear piercing (not two as with many other systems). The customer can be certain that this sterile disposable cassette is used solely on him/her and no one else. This ensures protection against instrument to client and client-to-client contamination.

After ear piercing, the ESSCDS is enclosed in a SAFETY COVER before being discarded. This SAFETY COVER protects all parts of the CASSETTE that have been in contact with, or close to, the ear. For the practitioner this means there is no risk of contact with contaminated material and thus no risk of passing on any contaminant to the next client. This ensures protection against piercer to client and client-to-client contamination. (ESSCDS) is a zero touch system that ensures that all parts of the ear piercer remain sterile.

Why Not Cartilage Piercings?

The cartilage is the firm tissue which gives the ear, nose or other parts of the body it’s shape and structure. There is not the same kind of “built-in” protection against infection in cartilage as there is in the soft part of the ear (the ear lobe). We do not offer or recommend cartilage piercings as it has many dangers.

  • Piercing through cartilage may cause it to fracture or shatter and deform the body part.
  •  Cartilage has little or no blood supply causing healing to be prolonged. It may take 3 months, and sometimes up to a year for complete healing to occur.
  •  Infection is much more common with cartilage piercings. While you have blood vessels in the soft part, there are no blood vessels in cartilage. The white cells and the oxygen in the red cells of the blood act as a defense against infection. As there are no blood vessels in the cartilage there is no defense mechanism against infection. Infection that occurs around the cartilage is called perichondritis. This infection may not respond to topical antibiotics. Oral and sometimes intravenous antibiotics may be needed to clear up a Perichondritis.

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